RAJE - The Russian American Jewish Experience RAJE - The Russian American Jewish Experience. 

RAJE is an evolving organization committed to sparking Jewish life in Russian American society. We  are passionate about building a community that embraces Russian speaking Jews from all walks of life. 

The core of RAJE is our Fellowship Programming.
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Regina wasn't really connected to any Jewish life or Jewish organization in 2009. She didn't feel very comfortable in those environments. "It was just not my scene." After Regina discovered RAJE, she immediately saw the changes in her life. "Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov and Rabbi Dovid Goldshteyn put life in a different perspective; I started thinking in terms of community."

Her community was Brooklyn College, so with the help of newly acquired Jewish confidence and knowledge, Regina started to find ways to get involved in Jewish Student life on Campus. Regina found a place to grow at Hillel of Brooklyn College. She became the President of the Russian Jewish Club and it was a great experience, where she could share with other Russian Jewish students her love for RAJE and her new appreciation of Jewish values, traditions and heritage.

This year Regina became the President of Hillel, uniting all different Jewish groups and students and running various programs on campus. "My experience at RAJE allowed me to become a leader on campus and create fun, educational projects and programs for other students." Regina is only beginning her life in the Jewish world. She is looking forward to doing more semesters at RAJE. "I want to learn more about my Jewish identity, my Jewish traditions and history, I want to be a better leader for the students at Brooklyn College and be able to influence others with the knowledge and experience that I received at RAJE."