RAJE - The Russian American Jewish Experience RAJE - The Russian American Jewish Experience. 

RAJE is an evolving organization committed to sparking Jewish life in Russian American society. We  are passionate about building a community that embraces Russian speaking Jews from all walks of life. 

The core of RAJE is our Fellowship Programming.
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FALL 2017 Registration Now Open
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Europe-Israel Trips
Free trips to Europe and Israel
Trip Dates & Details

Open to RAJE Fellowship students via special invitation link

Winter 2017 trips:
Amsterdam/Israel (18- 30 years old)
YJP Israel trip (25- 35 years old)

Summer 2017 trips:
Amsterdam/Israel trip
Zurich/Israel trip
Italy/Israel trip
Israel direct trip


About RAJE Free trips to Israle and Europe: Amazing trip, the best vacation ever. The nicest people I ever met. I really connected with the land.