RAJE Advanced Fellowship

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RAJE Advanced Fellowships are for our Alumni

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“Don’t just stand around…take Action!”

Here’s what makes the RAJE Advanced Fellowship program unique:

Relevant: RAJE Advanced will be more than stumbling through some Hebrew texts. Thousands of years of Jewish wisdom will be focused through the lens of your life. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to take the philosophy you learn and put it into action!

In-depth: RAJE Advanced gives you a buffet of options to choose each week, but if you want to do more than scratch the surface of Jewish learning, RAJE Advanced is designed so you’ll walk away each night as an expert in that day’s topic- more education than the majority of Jews will get in their life.

Personal: We’re keeping the class sizes small so we can make sure the experience is catered to you. Our Shabbatons will be rocking because you won’t just be in a group of 100 strangers- you’ll be with all your friends. We will have 2 tracks of learning so whether you want a more intense experience or one that’s more laid back, RAJE Advanced is right for you.

Superior: Want to learn about Israel? We have a professional advocacy specialist. Want to learn about Jewish philosophy? We have some of the most refined minds in Jewish education. Your Israel trip will be led by the most experienced guys on staff at RAJE and we guarantee it will be the most incredible trip in the Holy Land.


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