The goals of our program are an extension of our Leadership Fellowships:
  • To aid in the education of young adults from families of immigrants;
  • Workshops and one-on-one meetings to develop personal and life skills (career, education, social);
  • Classes on how to be more involved in the community; giving charity, and volunteering time.
Please contact Rabbi Dovid Goldshteyn for counseling and one-on-one sessions at dovideliezer@gmail.com
and Rebecca Salman for volunteering opportunities such as toy drives, home visitation for the elderly, and soup kitchen hours at rebecca@rajeny.com

RAJE educators are available for one-on-one learning to explore all the reading material listed below.  

To book your appointment click here 

Reading List by Topic

Jewish Philosophy and world view
  • Handbook of Jewish thought, Aryeh Kaplan
  • Strive for Truth, Aryeh Carmel based on the teachings of Rabbi Dessler
  • What the Angel Taught You, Rabbi Weinberg
  • This is My G-d, Herman Wouk
  • Heaven Exposed, Tzvi Freeman
Jewish and World History
  • Crash Course in Jewish History, Rabbi Ken Spiro
  • History of the Jews, Paul Johnson
  • Fear No Evil, Natan Sharansky
  • Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Kritzler
  • Samarkand, Rabbi Zaltsman
Torah Study
  • The Beast that crouches at the door, Rabbi David Fohrman
  • Worldmask & Living Inspired, Rabbi Akiva Tatz
  • Horeb, Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch
  • Juggler and the King, Aharon Feldman
  • 13 Principles of Faith, Maimonides (Rambam)
  • Sabbath Shiurim, Rabbi Mordechai Miller
  • The Sabbath, Aryeh Kaplan
  • The Sabbath, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
Marriage and Relationships
  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John Gottman
  • The Science of Trust, John Gottman
  • The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman
  • The Committed Marriage, R’ Esther Jungreis
  • Will Jew Marry Me?: A Guide to Dating, Relationships, Love and Marriage, R’ Lawrence Hajioff
  • Inside, Outside, Gila Manolson
  • Our Bodies, Our Souls, R’ Tzipporah Heller
  • To Be a Jewish Woman, Lisa Aiken
Psychology and self-development
  1. The Master and His Emissary, Ian McGilchrist.
  2. The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg.
  3. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey.
  4. Positivity Bias, Mendel Kalmanson
  5. Towards a Meaningful Life, Simon Jacobson
  6. Risk to Succeed, Ricky Cohen
  • Rigshei Lev, Rabbi Menachem Nissel
  • Art of Jewish Prayer, Lisa Aiken
  • Beauty of the Shema, Lisa Aiken
 Jewish Family Life 
  • Waters of Eden, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
  • Expecting Miracles, Chana Weisberg

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