Fellowship Questions:   

Q. Who is obligated to attend 2 Shabbatons?

A. Those who reside within a 2-3 hour drive from a RAJE branch or if RAJE can arrange a local option.

Q. I emailed RAJE and have not received a reply even though I have been waiting for more than one hour already.

A. The expected reply time from the financial office is up to 3 working days, Monday- Thursday. If it is an emergency or a very time-sensitive matter – please use the word EMERGENCY OR TIME SENSITIVE as well as a couple of words description, if possible, in the subject.

If you do not receive a reply within the time frame as per above – please kindly resend your request using the same chain of emails – it’s possible we did not receive it the first time.

If the email was not sent to Ilana, info, finances, or leadership – you can always forward the email that was sent to another staff member to ichaskin@gmail.com and ask Ilana for help. YOUR EMAILS SHOULD NEVER BE IGNORED.

Q. Does it make a difference if I do LIVE classes or listen afterward if I am part of the online fellowship?

A. It is really important to be there during the LIVE sessions and participate in the discussions. Social interaction is part of the program, and sponsors are very strict with this requirement. They want participants to be part of the community. Our Euro/Israel trips cost around seven thousand dollars, so the grant is enormous and comes with conditions.

Q. Will you have online classes in the future?

A. This program might be stopped after the next semester. We usually operate via branches. If you do classes now, you can request a trip rights extension.

Due Dates:   

Q. I can not attend the trip this summer/winter and would like to receive an extension for next summer.

A. Please email finances.rajeusa@gmail.com with “Your Name – official request for trip rights extension” in the subject line during the semester you have the classes and ask for an extension of your trip rights.

Q. How long do I have to take the trip after starting the fellowship?

A. You have one year, unless you receive an official trip extension allowance following your request during the semester you take classes.

Miscellaneous Trip Questions:   

Q. What sponsored or free trip options are there, and under which conditions does RAJE offer them?



  • Level 1 Israel trip to Israel or Euro/Israel – Conditions: never received a grant from Olami/Israeli Government, aged 18-30 at the time of the trip. The partial subsidy is possible for those who have already done a similar trip in the past or aged 31-35, BUT, since the full cost of the RAJE trip is around $6k-$7k the subsidy is still a few thousand dollars.
  • Israel advanced trip – when offered. Conditions: never received a grant from Olami/Israeli Government FOR an ADVANCED trip or Internship, aged 18-35 at the time of the trip.
  • Poland/Prague – if never received an Olami subsidy for a Poland-related trip in the past. 18 – 35 y/o.
  • Azerbaijan trip – when offered, conditions TBA.
  • State trips – i.e. Heritage Retreats/Sinai Retreats (only if applicant approved by Heritage Retreats org) – usually we refund the Heritage fee and the ticket after the trip.
  • YJP International and National trips or Shabbatons approved by RAJE. Conditions: Age and marital status (singles or couples) are different for each trip – SUBSIDY after the trip – $600 with advanced completion or $400 with basic completion.

Q. Can I leave the standard Israel or Euro-Israel trip earlier?


A. If you forfeit the grant and are willing to pay the full cost.

Q. How much time do we spend in Europe on the RAJE Euro-Israel trip?

A. Two days and one night.

Q. What expenses does RAJE cover for the trip?

A. Standard ticket, all hotels, all transportation during the trip duration, all scheduled activities, all meals in Europe, all meals for Shabbat, in Israel – minimum of two meals per day, travel guides, and security.

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