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Connect With the Past. Shape the Future. Find Your Meaning in Poland and Prague:

The persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, and how we live as Jews today, connects us with the future of our people. RAJE explores this vital connection during this trip to create a living link to our past and future via  an inspirational seven-day Poland Prague trip.

This Eye-opening,  life-changing and Awe-inspiring weeklong journey traverses through cemeteries, death camps, ghettos and other vestiges of Jewish life and loss across Poland and Prague. It affirms the need for a strong Jewish presence in Israel and among the diaspora. It will spark a deep desire to strengthen your own Jewish commitment.

Tour of Poland & Prague

Program details:

Participants in the Leadership Fellowship meet for a total of 10 sessions during the semester. The sessions will feature:

  • A lecture or interactive program exploring major Jewish ideas.
  • Meeting with famous Jewish leaders from all walks of life: CEO’s of large companies, heads of organizations and political leaders

An advanced program option is available for select students featuring:

  • An exploration of core Jewish texts
  • Hebrew language course

There will be two Shabbat seminars. These weekend retreats will feature presentations by renowned Jewish educators, interactive workshops and exciting social programs. All meetings, classes and weekend seminars are mandatory.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible for a free* trip to Poland & Prague.

Spots are limited! Registration is now open for the spring semester program!

If your application passes an initial review, you will be contacted to arrange for an interview.

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A Life-Changing Experience

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