Join RAJE in praying for the sick!

Are you or a loved one feeling ill? Your RAJE family is here for you in your time of need! Simply send us the individuals Hebrew name and he/she will be added to the RAJE prayer chain, which will allow your RAJE Rabbi’s and staff members as well as fellow students to keep your loved one in their hearts and prayers.

If you are comfortable in doing so, you may briefly state the nature of the illness so that RAJE can better focus their prayers.

Don’t know the Individuals Hebrew name?

Simply contact Rebecca Salman and we will gladly help you find out!

May we share in only joyous occasions!

*Please continue to update us on your progress as well so we know when names should be removed from the list.


Yelena bat Raya
Miriam bat Rivka
Shlomo ben Tamar
Chaya Sara Malka bat Bracha Leah Chava
Chana bat Guta
Anna bat Maria
Meir Pesach ben Rochelle
Rochel bat Rivkah Chana
Liba bat Rima
Chava bat Blanka
Bina bat Hanna
Rina Bat Nadya
Noach Ben Rina
Vova Ben Nadya
Malka Bat Nadya
Ben Zion Ben Shimon
Mirvari Bat Batsheva
Alon Yehuda Yosef Ben Chana Miriam
Bracha Paulette bat Rachel
Adina Eidel Ben Shaina Mindel
Rivka bas Shoshana
Rivka bas Malka
Binyamin Yosef Ben Bella Dobré
Margarita bas Genya Voitsekhovich
Malka Tsimberg
Munes Kleyman
Viktoriya Dvora Lea bat Sofia
Lenya ben Musya
Adina bas Chana Tziporah
Miriam bas Yetta
Yisroel Yaakov ben Rus
Margarita bat Tsilya

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