Russian American Jewish Experience

Our goal is to provide FSU millennials with the positive Jewish experiences they need, to help them find meaning in their Jewish heritage and to fall in love with the experience of everything Jewish.


Join us for an adventure of a lifetime to Israel, Italy, Austria, Spain or one of the many other countries we’ve visited.


Nothing develops intelligence like travel! 


Learn about your Jewish Heritage. Explore your Jewish Identity and develop your own unique leadership potential.

About Us

We are passionate about building a community that embraces all Jews and we are especially focused on those with Russian heritage. We are proud of our reputation as a wonderful place to spend Shabbat and Jewish Holidays with the warmth of (the RAJE) family and friends.

Our mentors are the heart and soul of the RAJE program. All volunteer-based the mentors spearhead workshops and discussion groups with the RAJE participants each semester and build friendships to last a lifetime.

Come join us as a mentor and have the privilege to be inspired while inspiring others.


A varied group of young professionals from many geographic and educational backgrounds are brought together by the common desire to inspire through sharing their rich heritage and tradition. Make a donation today and help us grow.

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